Where to find the required information for nanodac feature upgrades

September 16, 2015 Recorders
The eurotherm nanodac recorder can be upgraded to include programmers, control loops, and application blocks. In order to request these upgrades, you need several pieces of information from your unit. You need to provide the firmware version, feature passcodes, and mac address. This video demonstrates where to find this information.


Meet the Microfusion Product Line

August 31, 2015 Power Controllers
Overview of the Microfusion product line of Power Controllers


How to Clone Eurotherm Temperature Controllers

August 25, 2015 3000 Series
This video tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to clone eurotherm temperature controllers. For this demonstration, we used a 3216 temperature controller and a USB CPI clip to connect it to iTools.


Installing Communications Modules on Eurotherm 2204e or 2208e Temperature Controllers

July 31, 2015 2000 Series
How to install a communications module in a Eurotherm 2204e or 2208e Temperature controller


Meriam 5150 HART Communicator Features and Strengths Overview

March 6, 2017 misc
The Meriam 5150 HART Communicator is not only the most affordable unit on the market, unlike other products there are no annual subscription fees to keep it up to date. It reads device drivers in their raw format so that you will never have a problem connecting to new models in the future.


Adding or Changing Modules on a Eurotherm Temperature Controller

September 10, 2014 2000 Series
This video demonstrates how to add or change a module on a Eurotherm temperature controller. In this example we use a 2216e and a 2416, but the same process applies to almost all the other models of controllers.


RoMan Manufacturing Interview

July 16, 2014 misc
Dominick talks with Rob Hoffman and Stan Rutkowski from RoMan Manufacturing


Triconex Critical Control Elevator Pitch

April 2, 2014 misc
Paul Miller gives a quick overview of the Triconex Critical Control solutions.


E+PLC Precision PLC by Eurotherm

February 25, 2014 misc
This video explains the Eurotherm journey with the new E+PLC. From analog control and logic control as islands of automation to joining forces through communication protocols and eventually ending up on an Integrated Platform (IEC61131-3) CODESYS.


Control Concepts SCCR Testing Procedures

January 10, 2014 Power Controllers
All of the Control Concepts FUSION and Compact FUSION SCR power controllers have received 100kA SCCR. Watch a brief overview of their testing procedures.