Raytek MI3 Digital Pyrometer Overview

June 29, 2016 infrared
The Raytek MI3 digital pyrometer represents a new generation of performance and innovation in continuous noncontact temperature monitoring for a broad range of applications and manufacturing processes. Each MI3 infrared temperature sensor is a two-piece systems with a miniature sensing head and separate communications electronics. The miniature sensing head can be installed in any system and outperforms much larger sensors, making the Raytek MI3 the best valued IR temperature sensor in its class.


Endurance Series Ratio IR Pyrometers

February 16, 2016 infrared
Endurance IR sensors have a rugged stainless steel housing designed to meet IP65 environmental requirements in high ambients up to 65C (149F) without cooling. The innovative optional camera feature allows you to continuously monitor your process visually, while the LED sighting option allows you to see the spot size on the target and make sure you have a clean line of sight to the target. The match function takes the guesswork out of setting the emissivity.


Raytek IR Thermal Imaging System in Low-E Glass Manufacturing

February 16, 2016 infrared
Raytek infrared Thermal Imaging Systems used for quality control in coated flat glass manufacturing and architectural glass manufacturing.


Infrared Temperature Principles & Raytek Noncontact Sensors in Process Applications

February 16, 2016 infrared
History of infrared technology and noncontact temperature sensing, development of pyrometers, ir sensors and thermal imaging systems in Raytek Corp. Examples of industrial process applications: metal processing, glass manufacturing, plastics converting.


Complete Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Glass Tempering Furnaces

February 16, 2016 infrared
Raytek and Datapaq, the industry leaders in temperature measurement, now offer a solution that combines the strengths of two systems for improved profitability and product quality.


IRCON IR Sensors in Float Glass Application

February 15, 2016 infrared
Ircon IR Sensors in Float Glass Application: Placement and use of pyrometers, fiber optic sensors and linescanners in float glass applications.


Raytek MI3 vs. Optris CT

June 22, 2016 infrared
This video compares the Raytek MI3 and Optris CT in regards to installation of a new head, as well as head stability.